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Easter Torte & Shamells (Ciamelli) Part 2 - Frosting the Cookies

Once the Easter Torte & Shamells are done cooling you are ready for the fun part - frosting!



~2 Batches of cookies


1 pound Confectioners' Sugar (450 grams)

5 tablespoons Butter (70 grams)

6 tablespoons Milk (90 ml)

1 teaspoon Vanilla (5 ml)

1 teaspoon Anise (5 ml)

Sift a pound of confectioners' sugar into a large bowl and make a well in the center.

In a small sauce pan melt butter and milk together, and pour into well.

Gradually combine ingredients until thin, but coat-able. If it is too thick add more warm milk. If too lose add more sifted sugar.

Note: the last few times that I've made this the frosting has been too runny, so I've added more sugar - probably comes closer to 475-500 g, but add it gradually until you have the right consistancy.

Torte: Get your hands dirty and use them to coat the cookie but not the egg. While still wet, top with colored sprinkles

Shamells: Dip the tops of the shamells into the and let excess frosting drip off. Place on a cooling rack and let dry over night.

Place in a freezer bag in one single layer and freeze.

Ciamelli / Shamells / Torte Frosting

Easter Torte

Ciamelli / Shamells

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